Many albums added from Tidal that I’ve never added or listened to into my Roon library without me doing anything as well as some playlists

qnap TVS-471 version Roon version 1.7 (build 528 )

I’m having random stuff from Tidal show up on my list of Roon albums. I at first thought my wife was doing it but she has never created a playlist and neither of us have listened to or added any boz scaggs albums for example. But a whole bunch just showed up in Roon. Some other artists prior to this also.

Similarly some playlists we never created have shown up.

First thing to do is to change your Tidal password - it’s possible that your Tidal account has been hacked.

Thanks is there a setting I don’t know about that imports albums from tidal into Roon automatically?

There’s a whole bunch of playlists in Roon I didn’t create that aren’t in Tidal.

In the early days of Roon, there was a feature that you could choose on first time startup of adding Tidal Collections to the Library. These days, you have to go to the Tidal screen and explicitly choose the Collections tab.

If you haven’t done that, and there are no tags of the form “TIDAL:xxx” (where xxx is the name of a Tidal Collection) in your Tag list, then it is entirely possible that your Tidal account has been hacked. Any Tidal album or track that is favourited by the hacker will then automatically be added to your library.

Even if a hacker does not explicitly favourite a track or album, if they download the music for offline use, TIDAL’s apps automatically favourite them.

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Hi @vin_k,

I’d like to echo Geoff’s advice above — Definitely give your TIDAL password a change and hopefully you won’t have this issue moving forward.

Roon’s library will automatically include your TIDAL favorites by design. If someone else is using your TIDAL account and adding favorites to your TIDAL library, that will automatically reflect in Roon.

Thanks everyone, I did immediately change my tidal password since a hack did make sense. I guess I rarely use the tidal interface directly and pretty much only through Roon so I’m not as aware of the interaction as I perhaps should be.

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