Many classical albums do not show up after installing v 1.6

After installing v. 1.6 many classical albums simply do not show up anymore, while these items are actually available.
Problem: I select “Albums” > type Beethoven > View all, in order to find the Appasionata no 23 ( played by Kodama ). Problem: since installing v. 1.6 the mentioned album simply doesn,t show up under “Beethoven”. As soon I type “Mari Kodama”, the performer, who plays the piano, the albums shows up. in some cases more than 60 % of the albums do not show up, following the above discribed way. That is extremely annoying, to say the least. Anybody?

What do you use to “type in”:

a) Search = the :mag_right: icon or
b) Filter = the funnel icon?

I’m asking because the updated Search seems to be limited to 50 results per category so albums may not show up if there would be more than 50 results.

With the Filter function it should work, I believe.

I do type in a) = the search icon. In the pre 1.6 scenario it was no issue, but after installing v. 1.6 the problem occurs: i.e. many albums do no show up under Album, > composer …
For instance my library counts more than 100 Beethoven albums. ( Bach: even 200+ albums ). Most albums do not show up anymore since 1.6. It,s a huge step back!

I’m afraid as long as this 50 results per search limit is in place you’ve to revert using other search methods - like using the Funnel filter or going the way thru composer / composition browser.

I don’t know why this limit is in place - have asked about it in another thread and raised a feature request to get it softened for local content. Let’s see if there will be feedback from the Roonlabs team the next few days.

Hey @bram_hillen – just to make sure I follow, you’re typing Beethoven into search, and then looking under albums > View All?

And this album isn’t showing up there, presumably because you’re only seeing 50 results?

And this album has Beethoven in the title, is that correct? That’s why you’re expecting to see it in search results?

I just want to make sure I’m understanding, thanks!

We all have our own way of searching for the music and performance we want. I have this performance, to find it I selected Beethoven under Composers, went to the Appasionata composition and selected Ms. Kodama’s performance.