Many many corrupt files that aren't corrupt

Like the title says. I’m having about 10 to 30 files per day that show up as corrupt, the counter is at 1226 files and counting.
Today a complete album showed up as corrupt which has been played many times. I have 4 backups of my music files and setting it back from either backup still shows it as being corrupt. Everything is playing fine on any other media player I have tried. I completely don’t understand why all of a sudden a file is flagged as corrupt and also all the backups are being flagged as corrupt. That totally makes no sense to me. It seems totally random.

I did try to convert the files with a format converter and that fixed it but since Roon is a true crime to work with when it comes to accessing and editing the actual files that does take a whole lot of time per file, plus they all show up as new imported music, something I definitely don’t want because that totally messes with the way I use Roon.

Is this a known problem? If yes, is there a fix coming. I really want to know before I’m going to spend countless hours to try and fix things.

What sort of files? FLAC, ALAC, mp3, m4a, WAV, etc.? I suspect @support will want to see an example of a file reported as corrupt for further examination.

I can sent them when they ask for it yes. They are mostly Mp3 files, and a couple of Flac and OggVorbis files. It must have something to do with Roon not being able to read some headers since a while, else I really don’t know why my four backups also are flagged as being corrupt all of a sudden.
They do play fine in Roon when I rewrite the headers in Foobar so it must be something related to that.

Yes, I’ve seen posts about header issues. Can’t find any at the moment, but they’ve been here on the forum with problem solved with rewriting headers of the files.

Yes, I know that works but the real problem is that it takes many many hours of work. Besides, what concerns me even more is that it totally messes up the way I use Roon. The repaired files are imported as being new, they have a playcount of zero, they don’t have any tags, any album merging etc is gone, they show up in the wrong places when sorting my library etc etc.

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regarding “new”, I use a program called “bulk file changer” to change dates on modified files to some earlier date so some programs don’t treat them as “new”. Not sure about Roon. And some bulk editors have options to not change the file modified date upon modification. I know mp3tag has this. Not sure about foobar2000.

I will have a look at Mp3tag, chaning tags without timestamp sounds like a solution that could work. Maybe Roon just sees them as the same files then. Have tor try.

I looked at Bulfilechanger but I don’t see how that is going to help fixing the mp3headers. It can be used after fixing it to change the dat back to what it was but that sound like a whole lot of work again.

Rewriting the header in Foobar means that it also write tags in ID3V2 format. Many of my files still have IDv1 tags so maybe that has got something to do with it but so far have not found any cosistency in when and why it goes wrong.

bulkfilechanger is only for changing file dates (date created, date modified, etc.). Re mp3tag, I’m not sure that editing the tags changes how the header is written. It might. Worth experimenting.

The header is being rewritten when editing any tags. It works, but I’ll have to find out how to do it in bulk, and preserve the file date so my database doesn’t get screwed up and to save me many hours of work

In mp3tag, first set the tagging options for mp3. Tools > Options > tags > mpeg. Also on that “tags” section, tick the box that says “preserve file modification date/time”. FLAC should be fine as is. mp3 files I use the attached picture.

Then load up all your files in mp3 tag. Select them all, then right click and select “tag cut”. Then without changing order of files, select all again and right click and select “tag copy”. Then click the SAVE icon at top of page to be sure and save all this. This should cut and paste all the tag info, and hopefully change the headers too. This should fix everything in one big batch. Obviously test first to make sure you’re doing it right.

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Great, thanks. Will give it a shot tomorrow

I’m listening to a corrupt file now and it sounds totally fine to me … Is there an actual issue with things like this or a “simple” meta issue that won’t cause audio issues? Ironcially it’s Glitch by Autechre … my file is flac and the path is lossless.

I get this as well from time to time. But much worse: Files that truly are corrupt are not identified as such. I only found them by incidence when they just played some sort of pink noise…

I am not relying on these Roon internal checks. I run Flacchecker or similar against them if in doubt.

I have tried to solve it in bulk but since Roon won’t let me access files directly I have to do it one by one. That takes way too much time. So before spening another 50 to 100 hours on it I’ll wait for version 1.8. You never know it might be solved so

I had quite a few MP3 files marked as corrupt by Roon as well, but each played normally. Seeing the discussion and feedback here, and doing a little more research, I used MP3val.exe on Windows 10 to bulk scan and fix any corrupted MP3 files on my NAS.

I’ve only done spot checks of the most high-profile albums but, using the Focus “Corrupt” attribute, it seems like there are no longer any corrupt MP3 files. YMMV.

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Great find, thanks.

any tools for Mac ?


Just scanned my whole music folder. For spme reason the tool stops scannong after a while but it did fix +/- 1700 “corrupt” files. One problem is that Roon sees them as new import so now my view by date added is completely ruined, but thats another story

One wrinkle I discovered is that filenames with ? in them would hang the fix process. I just removed them from the scan, stopped the process and restarted it again. My presumption is that it’s a problem with how to escape a character that’s likely a command line switch for the underlying tool.

None of the MP3 files I fixed were seen by Roon as new imports. That’s new to me.

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