Many of my albums are "chopped up" in Roon

I have been cleaning up my album collection, getting rid of the same album on multiple hard drives where that pops up.
Since then, however, many of my albums show up twice in Roon, with some songs on the first album, the other songs the second copy of the album. I know how to use Roon to fix this but, with thousands of these fractured albums it’s going to
take very long time to fix this unexpected problem. (By the way, all these broken up albums are complete intact and fine
when I look at them in iTunes!).
Is there some way I can fix this problem without having to go album by album through my entire library?
Thanks for the help!

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Hi @petridish – can you confirm whether you’re running local storage (like a USB drive), or whether you’re using a network drive?

We had an issue related to album grouping on network drives last week that’s now fixed for our next release. If you are running a NAS, you should try the next release and if it’s the same issue, all the albums should be grouped properly automatically once the new version is released and you update.


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Hi Mike,
It’s an external HDD connected by USB. Is it possible your fix for a network drive will
also address my problem? May be wishful thinking but…

The fix we’re releasing is actually specific to NAS drives and network storage, so there may be something else going on here.

Can you find an example of an album that’s been split up, and let me know a little more about what it looks like on your hard drive, specifically are the files numbered, and are they all in the same folder?

If you’re familiar with how to look at the file tags there’s some more info I’d be interested to know. You can look at the file tags by clicking properties in iTunes, or selecting the files in Roon with a right-click, then choosing Track Info, then File tags.)

Once you’re looking at the tags, it would also be interesting to know if these files are all tagged with the same album title, album artist, artist, and track/disc numbers (meaning, all the same disc number, with tracks numbered sequentially).

Let me know a little more about the files here Geoff and we’ll dig a little deeper if we need to.