Many Qobuz Albums not showing Composer credits for works

This issue has been alluded to in passing a number of times in posts, but I don’t recall seeing any acknowledgement from the Roon team that the issue is being investigated. Hence this post.

The works in many classical Qobuz albums are being displayed without Composer credits in Roon, even though the Composer credits are shown with the tracks in the Qobuz app.

I have Roon set to always display Composer credits.

Here’s an example that I added to my library today:

  • Night Music - Dorothee Oberlinger & the Sonatori de la Gioiosa Marca on the Deutsche Harmoni Mundi label.

It is one disc with 25 tracks.

  • I have not made any edits
  • The album cover is provided by Roon
  • The album was identified automatically
  • The album is from Qobuz
  • I do NOT see the same issue in the Qobuz app - the Composer credits can be seen.

Hi @Geoff_Coupe,

We’re aware that there are times when the Qobuz app may display metadata that’s not present in Roon, but for the moment this is expected. Roon’s metadata is built on top of data that allows for a richer and more expressive understanding of music, and we’re exploring ways to integrate the data displayed in Qobuz without affecting the overall quality of metadata in Roon.

This example may seem straightforward, it’s important to remember that a single change can affect hundreds of thousands of albums, so this isn’t as simple as flipping a switch, unfortunately.

Much of the information presented in Qobuz is purely textual, meaning it’s not object based, as demonstrated by the fact that much of this data is not presented as links. There’s no way we could maintain our current standards while integrating this data as is.

In general, our metadata sources do provide this rich metadata, but as I mentioned there are some cases, like the example you’ve shown here, where our metadata providers don’t have information on an album.

As you can see here, AllMusic does not have much information on this album, and they use one of the same metadata providers as us. MusicBrainz, another of our metadata providers, does not have any information about this album at all.

We understand that not being able to see this data in Roon can be frustrating, and the projects we have underway will allow us to use this metadata in a way that doesn’t undermine the overall quality of metadata in Roon. These types of projects take time and require some in depth testing from our QA team, so we can’t provide any specific timeframes at the moment.

Thanks for reaching out about this Geoff, we truly appreciate the feedback here.

Thanks Dylan. I know this stuff isn’t easy, and I thought that you guys would be looking at it. I just wanted to bring it to your attention…