Many Qobuz Classical Albums Missing Composer Credits

@support, I am finding it very common that Qobuz Classical albums in roon are:

  1. Missing composers
  2. Multipart works are not grouped correctly
  3. Few or no genre tags
  4. Very few credits
  5. Compositions are not identified

I find it common but quite hit and miss. I also have cases where Qobuz albums in roon have very detailed metadata. When I go directly to Qobuz, albums missing composers for example in roon have no such issues in the Qobuz app. I can understand that for whatever reason these albums just have very “thin” metadata but Qobuz bills itself as “the” Classical streamer so it is very difficult to understand why basics like a composer credit is missing. Is this systemic? Qobuz for example tagging the composer credit in an unexpected place?

This is just an example. As I say I find it very common:

I thought this issue should be logged with Qobuz.