Many questions just ask right here?

I’m about a week in with Roon. Now I have a ton of questions. Seems like everyone is pretty happy to help.

I have a lot of general questions like for instance. In iTunes you can have the songs listed in an order that is based on when they are added so the last song I added is first at the top of the list. Is this possible in Roon? I don’t see it when I poke around . In iTunes you could pick your list based on many possible choices which I find very useful especially when you have a huge library.

Also how do you bring in a file from Drop Box?

Tracks or Albums, the answer is different. I almost never use Track view, so I’ll answer albums first. In the albums section, on the top right, change the drop down to “Sorted by Date Added”.

In Tracks, in the title line go to the right and there is a down carot, click it, add the field “Date Added” then click on that to sort newest to oldest or oldest to newest.

You copy it from DropBox to your local Roon Watched storage location using a PC.

Drop box integration is for backing up your library or adding as a music folder location. In storage you add the folder like you would from local storage.

So this isn’t going to work when you are connected directly to a USB hard drive to the Nucleus?

I want to be able to in track view just see at the top of the list the newest additions. I work on my own recordings and make recordings and I want those to be at the top of the list if possible. That is the way I’ve done it with ITunes.

I tried the down carrot and put date added and it says to try removing some focus criteria. Is there another way of saying that, that works?

It works on anything running your core on, but I was wrong Dropbox is only for your Roon database backup you cant use it for music storage.

So you can’t pull a song from Drop Box to Roon?

How would I get a file (song) to copy from either of my iMacs into Roon?

Just add date added as an opton to the view, click on the little down arrow to the right to add it. Then click on date added to sort them.

That depends on what your using for the core. ROCK or a Nucleus all use a smb share that allows access to the storage to manually copy music to the music folder.

OK got it! Thanks

I’m using Nucleus + for the core. Just looking for a way to drag files from itunes on either computer to Roon

go here in connect to server

You will find the attached USB drive there or its internal storage if you set it up with some. If usb easiest way is to attach the drive to your mac and copy them. You need to stop roon server before removing the USB drive from the Nucleus, you would do this in the Web UI for Nucleus.