Many skipped files with Sonic Transporter

Today Roon purchased. A week ago, the sonic Transporter arrived and I also purchased a Crucial SSD drive 2TB. My entire library that I had made with iTunes, about 2000 AIFF coded albums all copied into this disk. Roon was already installed on the Transporter so I thought it would be easy to get Roon up and running after the payment. Not so, I could not find any information about if install is already done. Download from Roon Server only gave a texteditor text with a computer code language. Andrew from Smallgreencomputer did the installation via team viewer. And that was quite a job because the Firewall did not cooperate. When it was finally finished, Roon went to scan my library and found 133 albums. Even after forced scanning, it remained at 133 albums. I found the rest in skipped files. from an albumbox with 6 cd’s 2 albums are made, the first album has the first three cd’s and the second album the next three cd’s and then there’s a third album with only one track. What a misery
I think I’ll go back to iTunes soon because everything from my library will be recognized.
No simple installation, forget it. I really had to get rid of this misery, for today I’m done, maybe it will be better tomorrow.

A disapointed new user

Can you share details of the skipped files? There is a reason Roon did not import them, e.g. corrupt, file permissions, use of special characters etc.

Hi @Bert_Dijkstra,

Please accept our apologies for the difficulties here! I’d love to get you up and running here so you can get the most out of your Roon experience.

First, I’d like to point out some documentation we have that may be helpful here. In our KB we have an article about Skipped Files and an article about why some files might be missing from Roon .

Roon imports thousands upon thousands of files without issue, so it sounds like there is something about these specific files that is different. So we can better understand why these albums aren’t showing up, can you share a screenshot of Skipped Files for us to take a look at? With this information we can better assist you in getting everything imported.

Thank you for your kind reaction and helpfullnes. I had to react like this because I was so disapointed and angry. You did ask for a screenshot of the skipped files and I hope it will work with the button so I give it a try.

Lets hope you see the problem,Bert.

Would it be possible to post an image of the skipped files like this? Thanks.

If I read Bert’s skipped files list correctly, everyone of the skipped files has a forward slash (/) in the file name, which Roon will not import–as laid out here:’t_showing_up_in_Roon

I think they are folder designators.

Yes, you are probably right, now that I look at the the way the list is formatted…never mind then…

I think you’r right, just read it in the article about Skipped Files. Is there an easy way to solve that problem? In the list are all tracks mentioned hat will cost a month of repair so I’ll have to change it on album level, or should there be a much easier way to go. And Martin, here’s your screenshot:

I’m a Mac user, and there are several good 3rd party apps that can change file names in bulk by “search and replace” characters, so you should not need to do this one album at a time.

Bu the question remains whether there is a “slash” in the fie name itself or whether the slash is only the path designator, as @ged_hickman suggested. That should be easy to determine by locating and inspecting one of the files.

Don’t understand that sentence, my language is Dutch and in Wikip. the explanation is to complex. My library is from iTunes. To get all albums of the same artist together I start every albumtitle with the artistsname and for album artist I usede the same name to get an clear overview in my library on harddisk. On iTunes it works perfectly but not in Roon:sleepy::sleepy::sleepy:

I’m very interested, any experience with a special app?

All I can say, is that it is worth the time to move to Roon. Long time iTunes user here, since Sound Jam, the company Apple bought to create iTunes. Roon is hands down the best player and finder that there is. Just do what needs be done to get up and running and then, never look back. Big libraries in iTunes do not work out as well as the Roon system works. AND the random play is much bettered by what Roon calls Radio. Names aside, slashes or back slashes aside, stick with it and you will be quite pleased, I do believe.

I am very pleased…

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You’r right ofcourse and that’s why I turned over to Roon but starting with bad luck makes me grrr…
Futheron I doen’t understand where these /// come from. I looked in iTunes in “show info” from a track. In the menu File there are no slashes in the pathname. I did organize it in “show info” this way:
Albumtitle> name of artist or composer: albumtitle
Albumartist> name of artist or composer
The reason to do so is: in albumview on my iPad all the albums of Bach stay together as in my cd-collection.
And now in Roon/Linux it becomes: albumartist/ artist/ tracknumber tracktitle
How to remove these slashes when I doen’t see them on file overview of my harddisk?

Here are two more screenshots. The first is from the SSD drive that is linked to my sonic Transporter and what Roon works with, the other is the original HDD drive that I copied on the SSD. You do not see any slashes. How do they get in via Roon? For clarity, I made the copy from the Music folder and not the entire disk.

Where is everybody?
I hope there are people from the Roon Labs Support who can handle this slash problem?
Although I never put slashes in the pathname, iTunes does. I made a screenprint of the info of a track and there I see slashes:

So what to do about it and doesn’t have everyone this problem with using iTunes for ripping cd’s?
More information about my setup:
I use a Mac mini (end 2014, 8 GB memory) for ripping and storage using XLD or iTunes. I copied the external HD from the Mac mini to the external SSD from the sonicTransporter 7i with the Roon Core. From there it goes to my streamer. But Roon refuses these files so nothing is going to my streamer.
I’m waiting for help…please.

That’s just what the directory structure on the Mac looks like. And Roon prefers an album-centric view of your music, while iTunes provides an artist-centric view, so just copying iTunes folders to Roon will sometimes not work very well.

This looks like one of the reasons that I never likes itunes, it always thinks it know best and screws around with the files instead of leaving things alone.

As suggested above, it sounds like you need to download a tag editor app which can be used to remove [foldername]/[foldername]/ from the field(s) that are causing the problem as a batch process.

I use Tag&Raname but that’s windows only and I can’t recommend an OSX app but google “osx aiff tag editor” and there seems to be some products that will do this for free.

Just be careful to work on a small set of files to make sure it is doing things right for you.

Sorry, I was away. I use A Better Finder Rename to batch rename Mac files. It’s not cheap, but it does a terrific job and is easy to use.