Mapping a USB network drive to nucleus

I’ve been told that to use an external USB HDD over the network I need only plug the drive into the USB port on my router/cable-modem and then call it from Roon. The “Add Network Share” page of Roon Remote gives two examples, which I’ve seriously attempted as follows:


All without success (“There was an unexpected error: UnexpectedError”)

What am I doing wrong?
Thanks - Boomzilla

I’ve moved your post to the Nucleus Support category of the forum, where it will be seen, and responded to, by a member of the Roon Labs Support team.

Are you supplying a username and password in the Add Network Share page?

Hi @Glenn_Young ,

Do any of those paths work from a Windows or Mac machine?

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OK, Folks - I’ve gotten to the core of the problem. SOME routers with USB ports make any drives plugged in via USB available as network shares. Some don’t. It turns out that MY router, a Cox-cable supplied Netgear N450 cable-modem/router/print-server combo does NOT allow network shared IP addresses of USB drives.

So I either buy a USB to Ethernet adapter that assigns static IP addresses to the drives plugged in, or I use a genuine NAS.

Learn something new every day…

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Is there some reason (e.g. mechanical noise) why you can’t plug your USB drives directly into your Nucleus?

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Hi @Geoff_Coupe -

No - I just have an excess of “not audio” stuff cluttering up my audio rack & I’d like to move as much as possible out of the room.

News flash: although it is quite beautiful, Nucleus is not an audio component. It has no place in your audio rack. Your system will sound better if you move Nucleus to another room. Once you move it, you’ll be able to attach the USB drive. :slight_smile:

Hi @David_Snyder -

If I had an endpoint that I could put in the listening room, I’d use it. But for now I have an Audioquest Dragonfly plugged directly into the nucleus.

Besides, the WHOLE POINT of having a fan-less nucleus was so that it could be quiet enough to use in the listening room.