Mapping consistently File Tags from JRiver to Roon

For all my classical music (>1500 albums), I spent considerable time to complete consistently two file tags: Opus (called GROUPING in JRiver; containing the Opus number, like Op.100, BWV 29, KWV 249, etc.) and the Record label (called publisher in JRiver; like Decca, RCA etc.). When I use my library in Roon all data are including, but two issues: (1) there are not consistently mapped to a new file tag but all over (many variations) and therefore not consistently usuable and (2) how do I make visible as part of the track info when playing an album. So far I only found them with opening “View File Info” per track (under File Tags under that page). Any help on how to solve the two issues. In JRiver the two file tags are visible in a track info and can be used as a search item. I is noted that often are integral part of the track name info and not separable, and, thus, not consistent and can therefore not used for reliable search. Based on the Roon opus information in the track info, a lot goes missing. For instance I have 5 version of Tchaikovsky’s 5 symphony; Roon only shows 3.

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