Marantz 30n not being recognized

The Brand new Marantz 30n is shown as being Roon tested, but I understand that it is not showing up as a Roon device in my dealers system. Why would this be?

Roon tested just means it connects via airplay. So it should connect via airplay.

Airplay is at a lower resolution than Roon-Ready?

Short answer is yes, in practical experience, probably.

OTOH, kinda an apples and oranges sort of thing, in that Roon Ready doesn’t necessarily imply a greater resolution than Airplay.

Thank you for that

I did a quick look see and I didn’t find any indication that the Marantz Streamer is Roon Ready.

Roon tested, not Roon ready…

Yes, I understand.

Do you think you can get something other than Airplay from this streamer when using Roon?


What does your signal path say?

I thought I understood how Roon worked, but I think I’ve confused myself (not the first time)

I thought that Airplay was a protocol that was limited to cd quality, at best, depending on the source resolution.

I thought Roon Ready/tested meant that Roon would allow streaming at the lower of the hardware limitations of the equipment or the source . Is that not correct?

I don’t use Airplay, so I don’t feel qualified to comment on it. I have an Onkyo receiver that I use only for 7.1 video. It has Airplay, so I have listened to it. For HiFi, the SQ just isn’t there.

From this comment, I seems you haven’t bought the Marantz, yet?

If so, then my unasked for opinion is that this is not an appropriate streamer to use with Roon.

You can use it for Roon, but there are better streamers out there that are Roon Ready and will give you the potential for much better SQ.

Make sure that that the entire system is rebooted, then try uninstalling and then re-installing Roon. Not simply closing and reopening it. I had the same problem with a Mytek DAC, and this worked. Ive been a happy camper ever since.

You are correct. Airplay will stream up to CD quality, at best, depending on the source.

If a device is Roon Ready, it can be used as a Roon endpoint, and, as you said, will stream at the highest resolution supported by both the destination hardware and the source’s format.

IME calling something “Roon Tested” introduces more confusion than anything. When D&M announced a few months ago that several of their receivers were now certified as Roon Tested, I got excited thinking my Marantz receivers (which were on that list) would now act as Roon endpoints. Nope - not a single thing changed regarding the operation of those devices. Oh well…that’s what I bought a dedicated streaming DAC for.