Marantz A/V8805 & Airplay restricting music quality

How can I turn off Airplay in my Marantz A/V8805? Cant it be turned off to improve output quality?
Roon displays the unit as Airplay, even though ethernet is hardwired, thus limiting quality to 44.1Khz. I am currently searching for a streamer to purchase that will not be forced to link up to airplay using my current Marantz. Any suggestions and recommendations much appreciated.

The problem is the Marantz is not a Roon Ready endpoint, so it doesn’t matter that it is hardwired, the Roon server is never going to see if as an Audio Zone. Turning off Airplay won’t change that. You need some way of putting a Roon Ready endpoint connected to the 8805. There is a whole thread on this topic here How to use Roon with AV8805

Thanks for feedback.
I followed your recommendations, but much info on subject.
I have looked in Pro-Ject S2, however back to the same issue, it uses HDMI which would be hookup directly to A/V8805, which in return would turn on Airplay.
My other choice is TEAC NT-505 which I would use directly onto XLR output to A/V8805.
Waiting some answers from my HIFI vendor, but he believes it should bypass Airplay issues.
If it does, I am all in.

I use Roon with my old Denon (same company as Marantz) via a Raspberry Pi. Cheap and it sounds great

Check out HiFi Berry

There are plenty of Roon Ready DACs that have an Ethernet port and will connection to the audio inputs of the 8805 via XLR or RCA. The cheapest and easiest solution might be to find a Sonic Orbiter SE for sale (you have to buy used because they are no longer made). The SE is a small cube that has an Ethernet input, is Roon Ready (but check to see if it supports the latest software), and it has a optical output which you can use to connect with one of the two optical Toslink inputs on the 8805 and use its internal DAC. The SE was about $300 new, so you can grab one for half that or less.

Once again, thanks and will check out Sonic.