Marantz Av 8801 DSD over HDMI

I have nucleus and I would like to send DSD native to my Marantz AV 8801 through HDMI. Is this possible?

It goes with pcm conversion and it goes also multichannel.

Best wishes

I do not believe so. Linux usually requires DoP or PCM conversion. And the Marantz almost certainly does not support DoP, hence PCM conversion.


Hello @Gregor_Pompe,

From the Marantz Documentation I could not find any mention of DSD support, but I did find another forum post that mentions that DSD files through that Marantz unit is not able to be recognized. It appears not to support DoP or DSD in general from what I could find so you will have to use PCM.


Maybe I am not good at this rhings, but Marantz recieves DSD from SACD player for example (the light DSD on the front panel goes on), so my assumprion was it can handle DSD somehow over hdmi.

Bit the bortom line is: ot does not work.

Will tra another workaround… sending DSD thrpugh Oppo UD-205, but I think Oppo will decode to analog.

thanx again

OPPO’s RAAT implementation does not include DSD nor multichannel. Stereo PCM only.