Marantz na11s1 not in list. Shows as unidentified device

Roon 1.7
Aries Femto
Marantz na11s1

Aries shows up fine.

Under the aries I see the marantz connected but it shows as unidentified and is not in the list of marantz devices

I checked that as well. Once in awhile, a Roon tested device has not yet been added to the list of Roon tested devices. The Roon folks check the support threads and if it in fact your device is on the list, they will add it. If you don’t hear anything in a week or so, reach out to support directly. You do this by combining the @ symbol with the word support.

I had this exact scenario happen with my Chord Qutest a couple of weeks ago. It’s now in the system.

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Interesting thanks. I was testing with the Qutest like a month ago and it was there, so I guess that’s thanks to you!

@rrwwss52 I have a marantz amp whos volume I can control through the na11s1. Can roon control the volume for it or is it going to try doing it through my aries or in software?

I asked about two DACs. One was the Qutest and the other was the PS Audio Stellar Gain Cell DAC. The former was tested, the latter was not. Learned via PS Audio, they were not going to have the Stellar Gain Cell Tested. The Qutest was good to go, it just had not been listed on the partners site.

@support please advise regarding the volume control question as well as adding the NA11S1 to the list of devices.

Thanks in advance.

Sorry, I don’t know. Some devices are fixed volume, some can be controlled via the software. Not sure about yours.

Hello @Sherif_Mansour, I spoke to my team about the icon for your Marantz na11s1 and it would appear that this particular device was not submitted by Marantz for the Roon tested program when it came out. Feel free to reach out to Marantz and ask them to submit this device for testing, we’d be happy to have it!

In regards to your question about controlling the volume, you should get Lightning DS from Auralic and that should give you the option to enable software volume for the Aries. Since this device is connected via USB, we unfortunately cannot control its volume from Roon.

If you have any further questions please let me know, we’re happy to help!

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