Marantz NA7004 Streamer not receiving Roon signal after update (ref#O5FTRD)

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My Marantz NA7004 Streamer used to play Roon over Airplay. This has stopped since the latest update. After an earlier update this year it already showed issues: when starting a track via a Remote, it would remain stuck at 0'00" until I dragged the time indication. Now it does not seem to receive a signal from my Roon Rock at all. The device does show up as enabled. I also have two Sonos Play:1 speakers in my network. They work without issues.

Describe your network setup

Router: Arcadyan Experia V10
2x Sonos Play:1 via wifi
Marantz NA7004 connected via utp, with the wired signal running through an Experia wifi extender functioning as a network switch.

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Hi @Cam_B,
You have the symptoms that we have been investigating with other users so I will merge this thread with the rest so you will see any updates on this.