Marantz products "Roon Tested" but won't connect over network

I was excited to read the releases explaining that a wide selection of Marantz and Denon receivers are Roon Tested. However the experience isn’t matching the hype:

Make sure your device is updated to the latest firmware by checking the Marantz web site. Next sign up for a Roon subscription and download and install Roon on your Mac, PC, or Linux NAS. Connect your device via network or USB, and launch Roon to get going.

However my Maranz SR5014, which is on the list (and has up-to-date firmware) can’t be seen by Roon over the wired ethernet network and only appears as an AirPlay device. My core is remote from the listening area, so a USB connection isn’t practical.

Can anyone please explain, what does “Roon Tested” mean in this context? How is a network connection possible? Or am I out of luck here?

Roon tested means what you have found, it will work via airplay.

Airplay is the Roon tested method to connect over a network to Marantz and Denon products. How else do your think Airplay works if not over the network?

Roon tested means just this, the device has been tested to work with Roon without any issues. It will be limited to the protocol used.USB for DACS, Airplay and Chromecast devices are all Roon Tested methods of using Roon. Roon Ready is where the manufacturer incorporates Roon code and SDK into the device itself and uses Roons streaming Protocol RAAT, it brings more features, stability and more transparency but requires more work and needs Roons sign off before it’s an authorised partner.


I see. Thanks for that, very helpful. Have there been cases where Roon Ready is incorporated through later firmware update, or is it more likely Marantz is done, but may incorporate in future models?

Very unlikely it will become roon ready.

It tends to happen with models that may have been only been released recently. Naim added it to their new range of Uniti devices after market. They may have planned for it before though and likely not ready at time of launch. Its dependant on the streaming platform they adopt. As Denon pimps Heos it’s own multiroom system it’s unlikely. But never say never.