Marantz SR5014 network connection

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Roon core runs on Windows 2012 r2 system requirement are met, downloaded core yesterday

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Room and AVR are connected via Ethernet to network, firewall on server is switched off.

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Marantz SR5014

Description Of Issue

Hi, I’m trying to get my AVR connecting to Roon and my issue is that Roon would only recognize it via Airplay where I don’t get the best sound quality options. I was hoping that I could work via Ethernet but maybe I’m wrong, could you tell what connections types are supported other than Airplay for SR5014? Thanks

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I have my NUC/Rock server connected to my Denon 8500H with HDMI.

With the HDMI connection Roon plays high res and also multi-channel music files.

Marantz/Denon are Roon Tested, but not Roon Ready for Network connectivity. Hopefully they will get there some day.

Marantz/Denon do not support raat over ethernet, only dlna and airplay (and spotify connect, heos and some others). You will need a bridge of some sort, or a direct hdmi or toslink connection, or a streaming dac or something.

(We will know that roon has officially arrived when denon, marantz, and yamaha adopt raat.) :sunglasses:

Thanks for the response, so connecting my Marantz Via HDMI to the server where Roon core runs under Windows 2012 should work with hires? That is something I also tried but did not manage to make it work, so maybe something to check with the server probably? Any idea why that did not work? Thanks

Is windows audio service enabled and set to start automatically?

Checked and it says it’s running and set to automatic

Just saw that the audio is set to remote audio, as I’m working on the server via Remote Desktop, can it be the issue?

Might well be the case. I used to use HDMI straight out of my WS2012r2 server to a Marantz AV-7702 prepro and got MCH working fine that way. JCR

So, with Some hard work and support i have managed to get the audio out vis HDMI but only once signed in to the server. However, after restart Roon did not recognize the device any longer and could not get it working until signing in again. Unfortunatelz after about 15 minutes once it went idle i believe the playback stopped again. Looks like some service is only active when im logged in, does anyone have an idea what that could be?

That is normal, I believe. Best analogy is that all my PCs around the house that serve as Roon endpoints for MCH HDMI into prepros must be running and RoonBridge running on them in order for Roon to see that HDMI endpoint. Why are you logging out of your server? Mine is on all the time for on-demand audio.

Or perhaps I am misunderstanding what you are asking. JCR

I mean logged in as as user. I never switch it off as I use that for movies and for Roon hopefully one day:) but processes should run without the need of logging in. I hope this make sense

Hi, don’t ask me how but finally it seems to be working, managed to connect my SR5014 AVR to the server via optical. Can you advice which MQA option to ally for getting the most out of it? As
the receiver is not supporting MQA, I’m using No MQA support, is that the recommended ?

Yes. Make sure Roons MQA Core Decoder is on in Audio settings for the zone.

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