Marantz SR7011 AirPlay Password?

I’ve just installed Roon ROCK on an Intel NUC8i3BEH and cannot stream via AirPlay to my Marantz SR7011 as it now asks for the AirPlay password to enable it.

This has not happened previously when running my core on a MacMini and I have no idea what the default AirPlay password would be for the Marantz?

Has this issue been covered previously and is there a solution?

Hi @HowlarNZ,

This does not sound like an issue with Roon, but rather with Airplay to the Marantz. This article might help:

According to the thread, it sounds like you can configure this in the HEOS app?

Thank you! Yes, I had to go into the settings in the HEOS app to locate the AirPlay password for the Marantz and now all sorted!

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