Marantz SR7015 missing from device list


I have just upgraded my AVR to a Marantz SR7015.

Although it’s Roon Tested it is listed as a device. The closest is the SR7013.

Will the SR7015 be added to the list as part of the new release or something?



It is OR it isn’t?

It says so on the sticker on the front of the unit…

answered by @Geoff_Coupe

Eh? Perhaps you missed this page…

Balls it’s further down lol

You’re looking at the Roon Ready section - you need to scroll down to the Roon Tested section.

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Hi. I was thinking about getting a Marantz for FLAC surround sound and DSD through Roon. I am looking at models SR7013, SR6015, and SR7015, but it looks like only SR7013 is Roon Tested. Does that make DR6015 and SR7015 incompatible? If so, it seems that recent models are incompatible. Thanks. (I just saw an ad for SR7015, and it includes a photo of the box, which shows Roon compatibility. The Marantz Web site doesn’t seem to say so, though.)

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