Mari Boine and Mari Boine Persen

Same artist, two separate entries/links (albeit Mari Boine Persen has “aka Mari Boine” specified and Mari Boine has “(Persen)” added) and… albums attributions are kept separate so those by one do not show in the “By This Artist” column of the other

Thanks. Rovi has duplicates so I’ve asked them to merge them.

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thank you joel :slight_smile:

question: what happens, then, when Rovi merges instances of an artist that… I have already merged locally?

what makes me unsure is… Roon, when I do, asks me to pick one as “main”: what happens if Rovi merges them, instead, under the instance I did not pick as “main”? :confused:

Hi Paolo, Roon should take care of it for you (could take a while after Rovi makes the change, assuming that they do…), but if not, please let Roon support know.

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