Marillion: Band Picture Is Old [Resolved - you can manually edit artist images in Roon!]

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Have you made any edits to this content in Roon?


Is this content from local files, TIDAL, or Qobuz?


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The picture contains 3 members from the original Marillion lineup.
One is Mick Pointer, who left after the first album and the second is of Fish who left after 4 albums

Marillion has gone on to release 18 albums with their 19th releasing early next year

I always check Google for such problems and look for large images:

So far I always found it and then added / changed it manually at Roon.

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Hey @macrho,

This is where Roon’s metadata editing features come in handy. There’s no one “correct” image for bands, artists, performers, composers, etc. It’s going to be a matter of taste. And for some folks the “Fish era” is going to be the preferred Marillion image.

As @Uwe_Albrecht stated, you can take matters into your own hands and choose any image you prefer for Marillion.

Here’s how you do it:

  • Go to Marillion’s artist page and click the ellipsis button
  • Click edit
  • Find the Photo section
  • Click add image
  • Find the preferred image on your computer
  • Click Save
  • Your preferred Marillion image is now set as the artist image!

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