Marillion FEAR clumping

The new Marillion album FEAR has three “works” included don’t seem to clump, despite my editing the tags. Has anyone succeeded in getting these to clump?

Same here, 17 separate tracks.

…Strange thing is, if you add the album to the queue the works are listed as a single entry, although unnamed.

Same here. 17 independent tracks…

Same for me, all independent tracks.

It can be solved via the file tags:

Open the album in a tag editor

  • Separate the work and the part with a colon in the track title (e.g. ‘El Dorado: Long-shadowed Sun’)
  • Give all the parts the same composer tag (I used Marillion as composer)

Configure Roon to use the file tags

  • Edit the album and let Roon use the file tags, instead of its own data

The result:

I had tried the colon trick. I think the Composer field may also be needed.

Indeed, you need the colon in the title and set the Composer tag for all tracks that belong to the work.