Marilyn Manson band vs person

I’ve noticed my Marilyn Manson albums have the primary artist at the track level set to Marilyn Manson the person, while the primary artist at the album level is set to Marilyn Manson the band, so I get the additional “all tracks performed by” on each album page:

Following the Primary Artist link from the track credits goes to the person rather than the band, whilst the composer goes to the band rather than the person.

Hi @Henry_Buckle,

Thanks for reaching out with this report!

I discussed this issue with the team today and what we found was that there are some inconsistencies with how our metadata providers are crediting artists when both the person and the band share the same name. This is a bit of a tricky issue, but we have some ideas about how we might be able to improve things in the future.

I can’t provide any specific timeframes here, but your report is a great example of this and I’ve been sure to document it for the team once work has started here.