Mark album as identified?

Is there a way to mark an album as identified? I am a DJ, so have lots of custom albums (an album per month for all new chart releases going back for at least 10 years) and I would like to be able to mark these as identified so they don’t show when I do a focus search for unidentified. This would make life a lot easier for me when adding new music to roon as I can’t easily tell if any of the new music I have added to roon is unidentified because I have to sift through all of my custom albums.


Hi @Robert_Quick. If I were you, I’d add all of your custom albums to a tag (“My Custom Albums” or whatever you like). You can then focus on the unidentified ones with a “double negative” focus.

For example, I can focus on unidentified albums which are NOT music tutorials using the - Identified Inspector focus item (as I’m sure you are doing already) and my - Tutorials tag.

And you can, of course, add any focus to a bookmark to speed things up.

Let me know if you need any more info.

Hi Joel,

Thanks for this, I hadn’t thought of custom tagging them! Learn something new everyday!

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