Mark favourite tracks in library and enable Focus

Having collected music since my early teens I’ve amassed a pretty large collection and whilst I’m predominantly an album listener, scattered amongst these albums are some tracks that I just love and have the power to change my mood or bring back a memory or just downright make me feel good. I’d love to be able to favourite those tracks as I encounter/ rediscover them during my listening in a way that makes it possible to Focus on these tracks across my library whenever the mood strikes.

I could simply add them to a playlist but then I can’t randomize playback sequence, select only specific genres etc.

  1. Heart the tracks.
  2. Go to tracks under the hamburger menu.
  3. Click on the heart at the top left of track list.
  4. Add a bookmark

Thanks, I’d never really ventured into Tracks before because I have an inordinate number. Once I’ve selected those that have been favourited, can I then use Focus to narrow the list further?


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Evan, you can also use custom tags in conjunction with Favorites (Heart) and then use both Favorites and Tags filters in Focus.
Possible examples are Tag: Relaxing or Tag: Dance

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Yes, Tags are a very powerful way to control Focus in Roon and I sadly feel that they are a bit under utilized.

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Agree, but until there’s a way to add a custom tag to tracks meeting a set of criteria it’s use will be limited (for me anyhow).

[quote=“DrTone, post:2, topic:11694”]
Click on the heart at the top left of track list.
[/quote]works well on tablets, but the heart is absent when using the phone app.

Create a bookmark to the favorite tracks on the tablet so you can use if from the phone app.

[quote=“DrTone, post:9, topic:11694”]Create a bookmark to the favorite tracks on the tablet so you can use if from the phone app.[/quote]Thx, it’ll do as a (clumsy) workaround.

Still, Favourites should be selectable within Focus, be they tracks or albums. The current implementation is inconsistent with the focus mechanisms provided elsewhere within Roon. Focus should ideally have additional criteria included:

  • favourite tracks/ works
  • favourite albums
  • favourite genres/ sub genres

You can use Genre / Sub-genre as Focus filtering criterion in the Tracks view. Save the Focus as a bookmark. I find the Genres unreliable however. For example Miles Davis album “Kind Of Blue” has sub-genres of Cool Jazz as well as Bop.

Thx, it’d still be more useful to do the following:

  • Add Focus capability to Genre browse
  • Be able to select Favourites from within ANY of the Focus areas: Artists, Genres, Albums, Tracks, Composers