Mark Levinson 519 Not Visible in Roon 1.6 (Build 401) Network

Dell Precision 5510; Win 10, Roon 1.6 (Build 401)

Netgear N900 wireless router (connected to gigabit internet through cable modem), with one run to media room that is split at media room location using an 8port Netgear gigabit router. All cable CAT6.

4 ethernet/network connected devices: Dell Precision running Roon Core, Bryston BDA-3, Naim UnitiCore, and new Mark Levinson 519. The Bryston BDA-3 will be retired to a new location.

Description Of Issue
A new Mark Levinson 519 Not Visible in Roon Network. Dell Precision and ML 519 see the network and can access Qobuz without issue (ML 519 firmware is current). I have also successfully attached a Transparent USB cable between Dell Precision and ML 519, which also functions normally. However, when ML 519 is setup on a wired network connection or via wireless (either 2.4GHz or 5GHz), the Roon core on the Dell Precision does not see the ML 519 in the Roon networking section under Audio. Rebooting the Precision nor does removing the BDA-3 and Uniticore from the network seem to have any effect.

I will recheck Windows Firewall to ensure that this is not blocking access this evening and will also try disconnecting every other device currently connected to the router to rule out interference; however, my suspicion is that there is a simpler solution; i.e., a setting or configuration step that I have inadvertently missed. While I am functional through the USB cable, my preference would be to relocate the laptop to another room and operate exclusively via the network connection.

Suggestions would be welcomed and appreciated. At the moment, I am flummoxed … EM

Hello @Ernest_Marshburn,

Do you have another computer in your home that you can run Roon on? If so, try connecting to the Roon Core from another computer and checking if you can see the audio outputs of each computer in the Settings > Audio screen.

My hunch is that this is a firewall issue, specifically relating to multicast traffic. Ensure that you have disabled any firewall software on your PC running the Roon Core.


Update: Close but no cigar. Can see 519, this PC and Uniticore under Network settings on PC; specifically under media devices where all three are listed. However no corresponding entries under Roon/Audio, in fact neither the 519 nor Uniticore show up there.

However, I can see both the UnitiCore and 519 on the 519s display window for Network accessible devices. The firewall is windows defender, while I did turn it back on initially after seeing the media entries, it’s back off now thru two power cycles but still “no” network entries of any kind under Roon/Audio.

New suggestions would be welcomed. Ernie
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Response: It turns out that the firewall was not the problem. Under network and sharing (where I can see the Uniticore but not the 519), I noted that the 519 had media streaming options on the local network turned off, so I enabled them on both the laptop and 519. As soon as I did so,the 519 display lit up with my PC and I suspect in a few minutes when I relaunch Roon, it wull display properly under Audio. Will keep you posted but now I’m going to enjoy the music…:hugs:. Ernie
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Hello @Ernest_Marshburn,

Just wanted to check in with you to see if you are now able to properly play to the Mark Levinson zone. If you have any additional issues feel free to let us know. Thanks!

John and Norris asked a question. The answer is “No Change” re the system as of today. The firewall has been completely disabled and I have checked and rechecked the other settings. Although I can see the devices under network on the PC, they do not appear under the networked resources section of Audio within Roon. Ernie

Are the devices ROON ready? Windows will show DLNA devices but not be able to tell if they are also Roon ready on the network. If you are connecting them via USB direct to the Roon Core machine or another machine running Roon then they should be seen as directly connected devices for Roon to use

Yes, the only one of concern is the ML 519 and it is both current in firmware and roon ready. I have cabled the two devices together with a transparent usb cable and the result is full operability with roon. However, when that is disconnected and the common thread is the cat6 network cable to my home network, the issue that I described in the earlier posts begins. I do not have another computer to try at the moment but I did remove/disable the AV/Firewall and have ensured that the audio settings on the PC are set to streaming mode. I’m still working the problem but have not found an optimal solution yet. Thanks for taking the time to respond though. I appreciate the suggestion and comment.

Hi @Ernest_Marshburn,

I would continue troubleshooting by connecting the Mark Levinson to your wireless network, bypassing the switch located in the media room.

I know that you mentioned you have disabled Windows Firewall with no change, but I would also take a closer look at any Antivirus Firewalls you may have in place, as I’ve previously seen Avast/McAFee/Norton cause similar behavior.

I would also make sure that your Network profile is set to Private in case this is preventing Roon from seeing the devices on your network. Please take a look at this guide for instructions on how to do this.

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