Mark Levinson 585 Missing

I’m having exactly the same issue with my Nucleus + and a 585. It just started. I’ve also reinstalled the OS, tried different cables, re-booting, unplugging, connecting to each of the two UBS ports, all with no success. When viewing the audio set up screen, there is a momentary flash on the “Connected to the Core” items to be configured. I took a movie of the screen to see what the flash was and a still photo from the movie revealed that the HDMI A and B boxes reappear as well as 2 USB2.0 High-speed True HD Audio items with “enabling” written above the two “Unnamed” boxes. Only the HDMI A Enabled box is darkened and the HDMI B box is light. The flashing screen reappears about every 30 seconds, or so. Any assistance is super welcome with thanks!

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Did this just start for you? Mine was working just fine until a couple days ago. I was thinking about re-installing the USB driver on the 585 to see if that might do it. I did notice that while the firmware on my 585 is V1.19, the tech bulletin on that firmware from Levinson indicates a change in the input setup menu that includes a PLL Lock adjustment (to accommodate “digital issues” one might be experiencing) just below the ClariFi window. My 585, with that firmware version does not have that option. Why the unit would just now start having problems and not earlier is a mystery.

I reset the Nucleus+ database and settings and the USB connection was restored.

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