Marking Favorite albums

I thought this would be easy but I can only seem to do tracks, rather than albums?

Yes you can, just touch the Hollow Heart icon next to the three vertical dots in Album view screen.

Thanks. How do you then view a list of favourites? I am suprised there isnt just a way to select them in the left hand menu

Menu --> Albums, then click the heart at the top left. :slight_smile:


You can do this from Tracks too. Instant playlist…

What’s the benefit of doing this? I already know what albums I like. I occasionally listen to a full album, especially when it’s new. After that I like (heart) certain songs so I can here them more often when time is limited. Is it for making a playlist? Then there would be those songs I don’t care to hear as much, or ever. Just curious what others are doing by liking an album.

The favorites button on the various browsers makes it really quick to filter down to just your favorites.

If you’re the kind of person who is constantly discovering and adding new music (say, via TIDAL), you probably have a pretty large library. Quick access to just your favorite albums can come in really handy when you just want to put on something tried and true.

Also, our Radio feature will give additional “weight” to favorites, so the more Roon knows about what you like, the better the selections will be.

Thanks Mike, the radio feature makes sense.