Martin Logan ESL X Black High Gloss / Monitor Audio Silver 300 6G Black High Gloss [WITHDRAWN]

I have currently gone through some upgrades and have the following speakers available for sale. Both sets of speakers have the premium high gloss black upgrade and are in like new condition. I am the original owner of both pairs and have the boxes and contents that came with the speakers. Both sets were purchased at Crutchfield (5/8/2019 / 8/6/2018)

New: $2,249.99/$4,499.98 (pair) Asking: $2,900 for the pair

Monitor Audio Silver 300 7G (High Gloss Black) Floor-standing speaker at Crutchfield PLEAE NOTE…this Crutchfield link is for the new model as the 6G is no longer offered at Crutchfield.

New: $1,099.99/$2,199.98 (pair) Asking: $1,400 for the pair

Please let me know if you are interested…