Marvin Gaye, Here, My Dear HDTracks problem

Core Machine

Sonictransporter i5


Network Details



Audio Devices

devialet 400

Description of Issue

Hello @support, The album from Marvin Gaye, Here My Dear (purchased from HDTracks), has problems with Roon. The first track goes through in seconds and then playback stalls on track 2. If I play the same tracks with a Windows PC media player, they are OK.

Hey @Gustavo_Gabaldon,

I’m so sorry it took us this long to get back to you. Thanks for letting us know of the trouble. We’d love to help, if you’re still running into this.

Does this skipping happen when you try to play the music through any endpoint?
What is the format of these files?
Could you please try removing them and adding them again to the Roon watched folder? Does that help?
Have you tried rebooting your Core?

Thanks in advance :pray:


The skipping occurs in all endpoints.
The format of those files is FLAC
I have tried rebooting the core and same thing.
I haven’t tried removing the files and adding them but the same files play fine with another player.


Hey @Gustavo_Gabaldon,

Thanks for replying to my post and answering my questions. I have moved your thread into our technical team’s queue, but, in the meantime, could you please try removing the files from the folder, quitting Roon, copying them back and restarting Roon?

Thanks yet again :pray:

Hello Rebeka, I just deleted and re-added the files and rebooted the core. Same problem.


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Hey @Gustavo_Gabaldon,

I appreciate you trying that solution. I’m only sorry it didn’t make a change. Our technicians will follow up with next possible steps.

Please, bear with us a little longer :bear:

Hello Rebeka, thanks for the update. Let me know then. thanks!

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