Mass clean up album and track titles from streaming platforms

Increasingly, streaming platform releases contain ‘noisy’ metadata in parenthesis which can only be removed by individual track editing.
Here are a couple of egregious examples but it’s becoming pervasive:

Even LMS (knocking on 18 years old) provides an option via its streaming plugin to clean these up

I’d vote for this if I had votes left.

  • In some cases, like your examples, the info is redundant
  • In other cases, the parentheses contain info that is better represented in Roon by other means
    • „live“ has its own badge
    • Version info has its own field
  • Roon already can extract version info from album titles in parentheses (as configured in library settings) but it only works for local files (which BTW isn’t immediately obvious). It would be a good start if it could offer the same for streaming. A couple of desirable features in Roon - #4 by Suedkiez
    Though it’s even worse with tracks because, as you say, each one must be edited individually