Master volume slider

Hi all

I use Roon more and more for everyday listening which goes through multi room via several Roon Ready endpoints or Airplay endpoints

Volume control is nice in Roon. I especially like the ability to tap on the slider right or left of the current volume position to increase or decrease the volume

There is a feature that could make it pretty much easier and funnier to quickly adjust volume in all rooms at once when playing multi room: a slider that can control master volume ie volume on all rooms at once

At this stage to increase or decrease all the volume, one has to tap multiple times on the +/- buttons. This can take much time for example to go from volume 20 to volume 60

This can be a simple slider that changes by one step all the volume in all zones. If one zone reaches its maximum or minimum then this master slider would not impact it anymore

This can also be a relative slider like in Sonos that increases volume in some zones relatively compared to the others. For example the master slider can show the average volume of all zones

But yet if the first suggestion regarding a simple volume slider controlling all the zones is implemented that would be really nice

What do you think about this idea ?

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Good idea. I use Roon similarly. This would be a feature improvement that should involve very little heavy lifting. I would only add that the endpoint sliders be independent but the “master” would move all in unison.

I don’t own Sonos and this may be what you mean by relative volume control.