Match all/Match any functionality on Tags

I think it is a huge dilemma that in Genres you can choose Match all and Match any, while you can not do this in your own tags. Tags can be added to an album or track with a few clicks, while it is far more cumbersome to add your own genres.

Example: I would like to be able to sort my music according to some completely personal criteria. I would like to be able to find DANISH, GERMAN and ENGLISH music distributed according to my personal experience of genres such as POP, ROCK or JAZZ. And I also want to know if it’s CHRISTMAS MUSIC or not. If I create seven tags (DANISH, GERMAN, ENGLISH, POP, ROCK, JAZZ and CHRISTMAS MUSIC), then I can search for them, but I can not use the Match all function from Genres! If I search for more tags, such as DANISH, POP and CHRISTMAS MUSIC, Roon finds all music that is either DANISH or POP or CHRISTMAS MUSIC! And it rarely makes sense!

In Genres, I can use Match all to get common volumes. I can search for DANISH and POP and CHRISTMAS MUSIC, after which Roon only finds the music that matches all three genres. Should I therefore use tags that are much easier to assign, then in this example I have to make the following tags: DANISH POP, DANISH POP CHRISTMAS MUSIC, DANISH ROCK, DANISH ROCK CHRISTMAS MUSIC, DANISH JAZZ, DANISH JAZZ CHRISTMAS MUSIC, GERMAN POP, GERMAN POP CHRISTMAS MUSIC , GERMAN ROCK, GERMAN ROCK CHRISTMAS MUSIC, GERMAN JAZZ, GERMAN JAZZ CHRISTMAS MUSIC, ENGLISH POP, ENGLISH POP CHRISTMAS MUSIC, ENGLISH ROCK, ENGLISH ROCK CHRISTMAS MUSIC, ENGLISH JAZZ and ENGLISH JAZZ CHRISTMAS MUSIC. Each combination must be created as a separate tag! 18 tags instead of seven! And the more comprehensive choices one will be able to make, the more tags there will be. Just add one more criterion, so that there is a language, a (personally defined) genre, Christmas music and maybe love song … Then it becomes enormously complex!

I really wish Roon would just allow us to use Match all and Match any on our personal tags too! Then Roon would make it really smart to use these personal tags that are easy to add to both albums and tracks.