Match off to Tidal and Archive?

Is this something people do? For obvious reasons I don’t want to delete my files but unless they’re unique they’re only causing me library size grief when I’m using Roon.

Looking for opinions :wink:

Well, here is mine:

  1. Unless they are the same mastering then they are not the same album sonically.
  2. Not sure what “library size causing you grief” means, but, the hit to Roon’s database performance is the same whether the file is local or on a streamed service. So, removing 1000 local albums to then add back in 1000 streaming albums will net you no benefit to Roon’s database performance.
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The complication is whether it’s available in Tidal if I want to listen to it … not whether I need it to actually be in the Roon library. Everything you scan locally ends up in the Roon library (unless there’s some “halfway” state I’m unaware of).

Obviously yes to the same mastering … when I’m talking about “matching off to Tidal” I’m imagining that we’re talking matching a sonically identical instance.

The problem is that Tidal is only using the version released to them by the labels which is usually the latest current release. The moment a new remaster comes out, …

Now that’s a good point!