"Match your files" interface needs work - any thoughts?

The interface for “match your files with the correct metadata track” is very frustrating when you get to large compilation albums. Having to click the little up and down arrows to associate the files with the correct tracks is a real pain with albums with high track numbers. It displaces every already properly aligned file while trying to fix just a couple files. Being able to drag and drop or somehow associate the tracks to files in some alternate way would be appreciated. Trying to fix the 98 track Big Star anthology Keep An Eye on the Sky had me wanting to trash roon and go back to JRMC permanently. I hope refinements to this interface are on the way.

Perhaps I am missing something and there is a better way of doing this within Roon now. Any help would be appreciated.

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Why is there no drag-and-drop in this mode? It’s weird.

Unfortunately, that feature has always been a pain to use and hasn’t received any attention in years from Roon.