Matrix mini-i 3 Pro

I am looking to buy Matrix mini-i 3 Pro for my study as a DAC and headphone amp. Would use wifi streaming from the Core (hope that works). Now, I wouldn’t mind to also get a pair of wireless speakers like B&W Formation which are also Roon Ready. (They would be sitting on the same desk as the Matrix) Wireless speakers use Bluetooth rather than WiFi. My Core server is out of range for BT.
Is there a way to use the Matrix to stream to the speakers or do I need another device for that?
AirPlay 2 is an option, but Roon protocol would be preferable?

B&W Formation Wireless speakers are Wi-Fi, Ethernet and Bluetooth. Roon RAAT does not work over Bluetooth, only works over wifi or Ethernet networks. So if a device is Roon Ready, it means it’s either wifi or Ethernet capable. In your case, you don’t need the mini-i Pro 3 as with any Roon remote you would be able to stream to the B&W Formation speakers. You can for sure get the mini-I Pro 3 as a DAC or headphone amp, though. In this case you would have 2 x Roon Ready devices on your desk.

Thanks Enrico, this is great, clarified a lot for me. I missed the fact that Formation speakers are WiFi.