Max length of ethernet cable from core to DS

Hi all,

I’ve moved house and I’m setting up my system for the new layout. One end point DS will be quite a distance from the Roon core (nucleus) and my NAS, which are side-by-side.

Is there a maximum distance I can expect go with a single ethernet cable, before there’s quality issues (drop out or similar)? Are there factors that can influence that (e.g. type of cable)?

Would appreciate any advice.

Thanks, Simon.

The maximum length of a Cat 5, 5e, 6 etc cable between points, ie network switch to device is 100 metres, so the furtherest apart you can have them is 200 metres, ( Roon core -->switch/router–>DS)

Oh right, no problem then. My house is not that big, alas :wink:

Thanks Peter

Pay attention to the quality of the cable, min cat6 … and do not install close to electric cables …

Got it, thanks

Also keep it away from any co-ax or screened cables carrying RF or analog video. Ethernet can certainly interfere with the low level signals coming from aerials.

Right, will do. Thanks guys.