Max Mini M2: Out of Application Memory - Roon Not Responding

Roon Core Machine

Max Mini M2 16GB, Ventura 13.4.1

Networking Gear & Setup Details

PAC modum Model: 5268AC FXN. Att network provider.

Connected Audio Devices

APPLE TV 4K Ethernet

Number of Tracks in Library

Only streaming, very few saved tracks. (I do save albums / tracks from streaming - no purchases). Music subscription with Qobuz (and Apple and Presto Music )

Description of Issue

Two days ago my Mac Mini started freezing-up due: Roon Out of Application memory". Has happened three times. In all cases Roon stopped responding. Yesterday I went 1-day without Roon. No issues on my Application Memory. Today, I tried Roon again - within 20-minutes again Our or Application Memory.

I have a screen shot. I do not see how to upload it.

Lifetime Roon member (for years). This is my first technical issue with Roon. I am not a systems person.

Thoughts for how to get me back to the music (and not changing spark plugs)?

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Thanks! Barry

@StreamOn, do you know the size of your library? Roon’s database does not contain the music files themselves, but if you have a long history and large number of files you have streamed, its database may be very large, which may be what you are experiencing. Can you post a photo of your Home screen in Roon?

Thanks for the reply. These are the artists / albums / tracks I have saved from Qobuz Streaming (none purchased). Barry

Hi Mike - I am following your suggestion. I have renamed the folder. I’m now attempting to relaunch Roon (kind of lost). I now see you have deleted your comments to me. Should I have renamed the Roon folder? Thanks! Barry (changing spark plugs on the car).

Yes, now relaunch Roon and cross your fingers.

Hi Mike. Thanks. So far so good. After your suggestion to rename the Folder, I have been running Roon for a few hours. No memory issues. So, success! Thanks. Not critical, but any easy suggestions how to restore my Tags, Playlists, Genre mapping? Barry

This stuff is held in the local Roon database, which you just threw out to get Roon working again. Perhaps there was some corruption in there? If you’re not too concerned about it, just leave things as they are. If you want to try the original database again, undo the re-name action.

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Okay Mike. Thanks-again. Happy to have a stable platform to play high quality music in my office from my iMac to my KEF LS 50 Wireless II. I love the TV:Remote app for the screen on the Office wall. Roon discovery functions all help along the way. A very nice musical immersion. Barry

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