Max number tidal favourites?

in an email to tidal prior to joining roon i was told 10K is the max. number of favourite artists and albums combined that’s possible. is this true when using tidal in roon? and what happens if you go over that limit here in roon? i’m using roon exclusively for tidal integration.

Good question but in any practical way, you have to live long enough to play all that lol

i wonder what the official answer is?:grinning:

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We sync your favourites with your TIDAL account; currently you will be limited by any TIDAL limitation.

hi joel,

if i reach tidal’s 10k limit (i will double check this) for artists+albums do i then need to record any further favourites on my own self made record. is there a way around this for eg a second tidal/roon account. i’m probably thinking too far ahead but just curious.

Not at present, I’m afraid.

I thought about this. once the 10k tidal album/artist is reached what stops you starting another new tidal // roon account and starting from scratch again. can you have 2 cores on 1 desktop with different log in details?? i’m a long way off yet but have read other members encountering this problem that just opened a second account with tidal. i assume new login details for second roon licence/tidal account is needed which enables you to starting building your second tidal/roon fav list again. unless i am wrong here.