Max volume on start of playback via Airplay - Naim Mu-so & Mu-so Qb [Solved]

Thankyou Roon @support for the update and the promise of scheduling tech time to find a solution.

Finally it feels like we have been heard. Which is all anyone wanted really.

Looking forward to seeing a fix in the near future.

Thanks to @PixelPopper and @ToneDeaf for getting stuck in as well!


and in the meantime…

A Chromecast audio device bought off eBay is a fairly unobtrusive plug in to either Naim device, is recognised by Roon and will stream at high quality without the 100% volume problem

The Mu-So will not automatically power on when chromecast is connected, so we might as well just get ready on the Mu-So volume control and save the money.

If you have somehwere that you can run the lms-to-upnp software then Muso’s work well using this, including volume control.

I use this on my 3 Muso QB’s and also my Naim NDS.

Unfortunately it is more important to add support for Apple‘s discontinued SuperDrives than fixing this one year old bug.

I agree all bugs are inconvenient, but the priorities in this thread are related to Naim/Roon inter-working not macOS Catalina. That said, it appears that Roon have issued a bug fix for your problem🤔

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Where did I talk about Catalina? I don’t use Catalina and Roon runs on my NUC with Rock. But this bug is one year old and I doubt that it will ever be fixed. But why is it more important to add support of discontinued products?

I appear to have misunderstood your “SuperDrives” comment, due to the recent Catalina issues & disappearing external drives.
However your SuperDrive issue may get more support attention on a separate thread. :thinking:

Regarding a volume fix, things are happening but not being published just yet.

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Look here: Roon OS Release Notes
I have no SuperDrive.

Talk about a thread hijack.

I dont want to plug a £30 pieces of Google junk into my 3 grands worth of Musos thankyou.

It definitely it isnt more important to add support for a completely defunct Superdrive, Cd’s are so 1990. But thats what the support forum is for, so best to post a support request for the help.

Hi Gents,

Steve Harris, Software Director from Naim Audio here.

Due to strict licencing and NDA requirements regarding Airplay, I can’t really say much on a public forum. Naim are a fully certified Airplay and Apple partners, so we need to respect the rules and regulations that we are committed to.

However, for those who have the issue and are looking for a sensible workaround for this use-case, could you contact me on steve.harris(at)

With regards

Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.



Myself and @PixelPopper (maybe others) have had the opportunity to try @Steve_Harris proposal and can attest to it being a great improvement.

Thanks @Steve_Harris for your (and your teams) work on this.

Hi Steve, 4 days after the update & all is still looking good, no volume or other issues to date.


IGNORE THAT MESSAGE, got it now, uploading :slight_smile:

Hello All,

We have been working with Naim on this issue and Steve Harris (Naim Software Director) recently posted an update on Community here:

Steve is able to provide next steps to anyone impacted by this issue, so if you’re having this problem please reach out to Steve directly.

We appreciate everyone’s patience as we worked with Naim to resolve this matter!

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Seems there may be a fix available from posts below.
But just so that (ignorant me) understands what I am missing sound quality wise . Can you help and explain ? With the Chrome audio device (set to full volume) I now get a Path which claims that it is Lossless all the way from source (eg Tidal Lossless) thru Chrome to either of the Muso devices. And I don’t have the 100% volume problem.
So (just so I understand it) what am I losing/missing by routing thru the Chrome device rather than straight using Airplay?


My understanding is that

  • The Muso will not automatically switch to the aux channel when Chromecast playback begins.
  • Depending on what input you are using analog/optical you may be bypassing better quality replay components in the QB.
  • A power socket as the Chromecast dongle will need power.
  • The ability to create playback groups on the fly within Roon. I think these must be created within the Google home app.


Chromecast can handle higher resolution files that Airplay/Airplay 2

So, be using the Naim fix today, and no issues so far. Will leave it for 24 hours and see if it reappears, Steve said it may once on the first startup in his email.

It was so nice to be able to turn everything on this morning and it all just working and being at the same volume I left it on last night! Thankyou @Steve_Harris

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The issue was with implementation of Airplay. Chrome via optical to the MuSo wasn’t affected and will offer lossless but it doesn’t auto-switch. So you need the naim app to switch to optical then control from roon (unless someone has discovered a workaround) :frowning:

"Chromecast can handle higher resolution files that Airplay/Airplay 2"

you are correct.

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