Max Volume output at playback

Nucleus (Roon/Version 1.7/Roon build 571)

Hi, I’m having a very annoying problem. Randomly, when I start playback or when I change the listening device, the volume is set to max level on the device wich is very loud !
The problem is not occuring every time and I can’t see any pattern here. Volue control is set to “device volume” for every devices.
It happens whatever remote I use.

I’m runnig roon on a Nucleus via my wifi network (livebox).

Devices used for music playing :

  • Naim Mu-so (1st generation) via Airplay (very very LOUD at max level…it hurts)
  • Naim Mu-so Qb (1st generation) via Airplay
  • Audioquest dragonfly plugged to usb-c on my PC remote (HP Omen)

Remotes used :

  • HP Omen (windows 10 64bits)
  • Asus T305CA (windows 10 64 bits)
  • Ipad A1822 (5th generation)
  • Samsung Galaxy note 9

Thanks for your help. If you need further informations, I’d be happy to add details here.

My Dragonfly Cobalt was jumping to max volume when set on device volume. I set it on DSP volume to solve the problem. I have my Oppo 203 set on fixed volume and use the Bose volume control. My Meridian Prime is set on device volume and does not have a problem. It has a volume control knob on the front.

The Muso issue is a bug that Naim are aware of. The issue went back and forth with Roon and Naim support for a while. I believe you should contact Naim support as they offered up a solution eventually. You can likely search the forum to find the thread.

The Cobalt is a bug in their firmware Roon confirmed this and we are still awaiting an update from Audioquest.


Here is the thread it’s big. If you get towards the bottom you’ll find Naims response and who to contact.

Hi @Nicolas_Hattry,

You can reach out to Steve at Naim for further assistance with the MuSo issue, please see my post here:

Hi everybody,

thanks for the quick answers ! I emailed Steve at Naim and I folllowed the update steps he told me. I hope the problem is now solved.
I’ll put my eartips and try…


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