Maximizing roon windows is freezing

when I maximize the roon window it is freezing “on the half way”. It is maximizing, but with an empty window. This happened on our both Client Laptop (1 x W8.1, 1 x W10) on the same way. Only when we close the roon app and open it again it works again.
Any idea?
Thank you

@Armin there are other threads on this too. In mine and some other cases the problem seems linked to certain Intel Integrated Graphics versions. If there is also another separate graphics card fitted then there may be a workaround. If not, an update to the driver may fix it (but not in mine and several other cases unfortunately).

Thank you for the tip withe the Driver. I’ve just updated it but without success, unfortunately.
Do you have a link to ine of this threads?
Thank you

A simple search would find this thread for example. There are several others.

Thank you!