Maximum 180 albumtracks?


I want to import a top2000 folder into Roon. I have an very good tagged compilation and Roon does it work just fine. The only thing is that it only shows 180 tracks.

The album is seen like it is mentioned in the tags. Is there a way that I can fix this?

Best regards Ronald

What is it with Top2000 folders? :grinning: This has come up before in a few threads:

I did find the other postings. But strange that in my case there are 180 tracks where others speak of 100.

@Anthony_Bates : About the ‘thing’ : I guess all askers, were Dutch people. In the Netherlands, the last few weeks of the year on a major radio channel are dedicated to the ‘Top2000 of all time’. Every year a new poll, with slighty different results. You may want to check out for a little more understanding, it’s quite a big event over here. I assume that this is the type of list, that people like to save on their HDDs,

@Carl is correct : there is a 180-track limit on CD’s (not albums!), currently. And Roon team seems to aware of that.

I personally handle the Top2000 as a playlist : makes most sense to me, as I already have most tracks on their original album.

An alternative solution could be, to break up your current ‘album’, into 12 different discs. So you have :
Album Top2000 ->subfolders CD1 , CD2, …CD12. Also tagged, accordingly.
This would also make navigation a lot more friendly, than scrolling through a 2000-item list…


Ok thanks for the ‘Top2000’ explanation, I thought it might be something like that. Personally, I sometimes pull together hundreds of similar tracks into ‘fake’ albums. I generally keep them to around 50-75 tracks per album because of performance issues within Roon graphics engine, as mentioned in the thread I linked to. I had over a hundred or so tracks in the first ‘fake’ album I made and the Remote screen almost froze it was running that slow (this was on an old WIN 10 PC with an old graphics card though). Reducing the track count fixed it.

I have split the album into a several disks of 100 songs. I used Tag&Rename to give the files the correct albumnumbers and I put the 100 tagged songs into seperate folders.

Thank you all for your input