Maximum amount of albums

I am not able to add any new album, though maximum of10.000 albums is far away. Could it be that roon looks at number of cd’s if an album contains more than one cd?

Try view all and swipe to see the rest:)

Hi @Jeroen_Kooi,

Just to confirm, you are only adding TIDAL tracks here, correct? If you open "View All’, do you see the albums you have added? If you add one new track via the TIDAL app, does it appear in Roon?

Note: You may want to perform a manual TIDAL sync as well, you can do this by going to Settings -> Services -> Edit button next to TIDAL -> Sync Library Now.

What?? This is not true, correct? I don’t believe that there a maximum amount of albums or tracks in Roon. The amount of albums and tracks that Roon can handle is limited by the hardware of the computer Roon core is installed on. @support please confirm.

Hi @Jazzfan_NJ - The 10,000 albums limit is only for TIDAL content, and it’s a limit on TIDAL’s end. Please see:

I only added tidal albums to my roon library. Via roon i am not able to add any more albums.


Thank you for clearing that up. Now I can continue to grow my music library with locally stored flac files to my heart’s desire :joy:

If you focus on one example of this issue and try adding one new album via Roon, does it appear in the overview tab?

Roon does Not allow me to add any album. I have no cd’s of myself anymore so it is only tidal that I use as source . However roon indicates 8800 albums. I would expect still 1200 to go.

Hi @Jeroen_Kooi,

Roon counts boxes sets as one album, but Tidal will view them as per disc … I suspect that may account for 1200 album discrepancy.

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Hi @Jeroen_Kooi,

If you remove one album , are you able to add an additional one? What @Carl mentions is possible, I can’t say for sure how TIDAL factors box-sets into albums. You may also want to reach out directly to them to ask if you have reached this limit.

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