Maximum Nucleus bit-rate/sample rate via USB?

Sorry if this question has been asked and answered, I couldn’t find it even in the Roon specs page.

What is the highest bit-rate and sample rate available from the USB outputs?
What is the highest bit-rate and sample rate available from the other outputs?

Sadly my current DAC has a maximum input of “only” 24/192 via optical or coax SP/DIF and only 16/44.1 via USB.
I am shopping for a USB>SP/DIF converter but would like to “future proof” my system and get a converter that will take advantage of the highest bit rates available from the Nucleus…

I will also send HDMI to my Marantz PrePro (or possibly Cat5 if that will work).

Thanks in advance for your replies.

  • David

32/768K or DSD512.

Awesome! Thanks for the quick reply.
That’s probably the max for all Nuclueus outputs?

  • David

Note that DSD512 requires kernel driver recognition of your DAC as ‘DSD native’ capable. Otherwise, the max you will get is DSD256 via DoP.

This isn’t necessarily a big problem, but every time a new DAC comes along, it does take a while to get added. The Ropieee and DietPi folks seem to be the quickest about updating their kernel builds to recognize new native DSD DACs.

Yes, 768K+DSD512 is the max supported by Roon (subject to the limitations of the individual endpoint it is playing to, of course).

I don’t think the HDMI output on the Nucleus (or NUCs in general) goes that high, though; only the USB interface (and subject to kernel driver recognition as stated above). Someone else will have to correct me if I’m wrong.

Great, thanks guys. What a community.

  • David