MC200 as Roon server (and Sooloos)

I’m thinking of buying the Meridian MC200 to use it as my server. Can I use both the Sooloos app, as well as the Roon app? And if I buy the MC200, will the Sooloos app still be updated in the future?

That is the question all us sooloos owners are waiting an answer for. MS200 makes a perfect zone for Roon use.

An MC200 will only act as a Sooloos Server, not a Roon
Server. You can run a Roon system and a Sooloos system at the same time. I’ve found it preferable to have separate music libraries for this, as it helps if Roon organises your Roon library.

Sooloos will continue to be updated. However Meridian have not made clear as yet when the next major iteration will be.

Thank, helpfull for me, these words… I’m very very willing jumping into Roon. I think this program rocks. However…(as I read earlier, and that might still take a while) still waiting for the IOS app… :smile:

I would not buy an MC200 to run Roon. It wouldn’t make a good Roon “Core”, even if Meridian did provide a way to run Roon on it.

So, if I’m correct, it’s best to run Roon over a NAS. Only then I will benefit the most of it?

RIght now, run Roon on your NUC, Mac Mini, desktop or laptop computer, etc… Host your music via USB disk or NAS, and hook up your endpoints via USB or use Meridian endpoints.

Soon, buy a RoonSpeakers capable networked endpoint, or upgrade the firmware for one of the many partners we are working with to get RoonSpeakers support.

I own a MC200, and so far I’m patiently awaiting what Meridian will do with MQA and Roon.
Please let me know: Why would the MC200 not be a good Core for Roon?

Personally I find the sound quality of a MC200 much better than a Mac mini with a Meridian Explorer.

Because the MC200 will not run the Roon application (Roon Core) this a @danny stated what platforms Roon will run on. This may change in the future however I believe that’s more down to Meridian that Roon.

[quote=“Niek_Kuizenga, post:8, topic:1213”]
Personally I find the sound quality of a MC200 much better than a Mac mini with a Meridian Explorer
[/quote]I tend to agree … the Explorer [1] does not upsample/apodise like MC200 does. I think the Explorer2 would be a step up mind and it is MQR ready which may be of interest.

That said, you can use the MC200 as an Audio Endpoint with Roon (but not as a core).

Hi Carl,

I do not understand how that works: Using a MC200 and an Audio Endpoint with Roon.
What do you mean with an Audio Endpoint with Roon?
And how should that Audio Endpoint connect with the MC200?


If you imagine you were running your MC200 with the core turned off, then you would just have a store and endpoint, to connect to Roon then just plug it into the network. Roon is a replacement for the Sooloos core.


So, how do you turn the MC200 Core off, or is it even possible…

You use the Sooloos config program. You can turn core on and off, allow store and have 1 or 2 times sample rate.

You’ve tried this of course and it works? I presume you own a MC200? Do you also have Roon installed on PC or Mac?

Why don’t you try, it is non destructive and easily reversible.

I have had an MC200 for a good while in my Meridian system. Currently I run Roon on a Laptop feeding my MS200’s in two zones.

I know I could use the MC200 as a zone but I don’t need to just now.

I do not own a PC, I own a Mac Mini and a MC200
All in all it seems quite complicated to run Roon over my current Meridian setup.

I’d better be patient I guess and wait for an integrated MQA/Roon solution by Meridian.

Meridian and Roon are two seperate companies, it is most unlikely you will see what you state? You can of course stay put with Sooloos and look forward to the updates discussed by John Buchanon on the Meridian Unplugged forum.


No can do… Still have to buy my MC200 as well as Roon. I was at local audio shop today and very impressed… Sound quality was perfect but still have to save some more before buying mine.

The only thing dissapointing was scrolling through the covers. Page by page, a bit slow in my opinion. The rest is awsome. That’s wy I hope there soon will be a Roon app for iPad. Then it becomes really interesting.