MC200 Gone Missing

Over a year ago after swapping out Sooloos for Roon in my 2-channel system I relegated the MC200 as the source for my whole house system. I know at times I could see the MC200 offered up as a endpoint within Roon, Not sure if I used it. With Meridian’s recent decision to stop supporting Control:Mac I can no longer add music to the MC200 so I decided to feed my whole house system from Roon with the MC200 as the endpoint.

Unfortunately the MC200 does not show up as a option under Roon’s Audio setup. The MC200 is on my network. I can control Sooloos on the unit with my iPad and by entering the IP address into my Safari browser. I have cycled the Orbi satellite to which it is hardwired the MC200 multiple times. It never shows up as a audio option under Roon.

Any sugggestions?

I believe you need to turn off Core and Store features in the MC200 to use it as an endpoint. This requires the (Windows-only) sooloos configure program.

If that is the case I will have to see about borrowing someones Widows laptop just to turn off core.

I remember seeing the MC200 in the past listed as an option. I wonder when this requirement to turn off Core came about?

I don’t believe that you do need to disable the core in the MC200 in order to use its an endpoint in Roon - certainly I can see my MC200 OK from Roon.

Rather, it sounds like you have multicast issues in your network - I suggest power cycling everything and, if you are using an ISP provided modem/hub, use a separate switch with just a single connection back to the hub.

A poor hub/switch will likely work for a short while post power cycle, it is just that they tend to disable multicast automatically some time after - this is what typically causes the network issues.


Sorry, my knowledge may be based on Sooloos-era reauirements.

If you’ve seen the MC200 show up as an endpoint before in Roon, then the issue is likely what @JCD is referring to. I just helped a friend (still in the Sooloos world) find his lost MC200. The issue was a firmware update on his router enabling some sort of packet acceleration which interfered with multicast capabilities needed for various Sooloos components to discover each other.

My set-up has been the same since the end of August. At that time I added a switch between my Orbi (connected to my cable modem) and my sonicTransporter. This switch eliminated the dropout problem I was having. My MC200 is hardwired to one of my Orbi satellites which sits near my whole house system. Orbi has no problems seeing and allowing me to play Sooloos from the MC200. Roon doesn’t see it.

I have tried power cycling everything first router, then Orbi, then Orbi satellites, then adding in devices such as sonicTransporter and MC200. It takes a bit of time for it to find the MC200 but it shows up after a bit.