MC200 has volume control available in Roon

I finally decided to set up my MC200 as a Roon Endpoint. Works great but in Roon I offered the ability to change the volume setting. It defaults to 65. In Roon I can alter the volume number but it doesn’t actually alter the volume on the MC200. I’m actually feeding the MC200 into a G91 and DSP speakers so this is functioning how I want, just wondering why a) I’m seeing volume control in Roon and b) why it doesn’t do anything.

Cheers for any Help

Does the MC200 control the volume of the G91 when used with Sooloos?

  • If yes, then focus attention towards Roon (though try it with Sooloos core switched off).

  • If no, then focus attention towards the MC200 setup and connection to the G91 (Meridian integration enabled and Meridian comms hooked up between MC200 and G91).

Carl, Thanks for the tips, I’ve got a number of ideas now to look at so I’ll test them out and see what works.

Totally a Meridian Comms Issue in the end. Got it working now. Had to disconnect everything and start building back I component at a time. It’s critical where you put a comms patch box.