MC200 Migration Question


I’m ready to make the move from my Meridian MC200 Sooloos to Roon and I have a few questions I need help on before I start the process.

Question 1 - I want a self contained system so I plan to have an SSD inside the Nucleus. Can I order the Nucleus with an SSD or is that an add on I’ll need to take care of separately ?

Questions 2 - My MC200 SSD tetrabyte drive is only 1/3 full so will a Nucleus work for me or do I need a Nucleus Plus for adequate storage space (plus some room to expand ?

Question 3 - Is it easy to migrate music from the MC200 to the Roon Nucleus ? I have a lot of CD Files, a few Rhaposdy/Napster Files, and a large number of Tidal files on the MC200.
Also, do Tidal Playlists on the MC200 migrate or will they be lost as a change ?
I was warned in the past that I’d loose all Playlists and that why I’ve been reluctant to switch to Roon.

Question 4 - Will my 3 MS200’s Zones work with Roon ?
I plan to keep the MC200 Core to feed my HiFi system but I also want to be able to stream music to 3 Zones using the MS200’s. Will Roon control these ?

Question 4 - Does the Roon Nucleus hardwire connect to the MC200 or Is the connected via WiFi ?



Hi @Earl_Shipp,

This is a separate add on. You can learn more about Nucleus Internal Storage in our KB.

We have some information about the difference between the Nucleus and Nucleus+ on our website. Generally which one is needed will depend on library size, how many zones you plan on using at the same time, and the DSP functionality you’re wanting to use.

We have information about the migration process here in our KB.

Are these playlists also in TIDAL? When you link TIDAL, any playlists from TIDAL will migrate to Roon.

Yes, your MS200’s will work with Roon. You can learn about setup for those devices here.

The Nucleus with connect via Ethernet to the network. You can read about our recommendations for the network in our Networking Guide.

Let us know if you have any other questions!

Thank you Dylan. VERY helpful.

I have a few follow up questions :

Is there a maximum size for the 2.5" SSD in a Nucleus ? Will the Roon handle a 1 Terabyte drive size assuming that it will dimensionally fit inside the unit ?
Also, do you have a recommendation on what drives have worked well with Nucleus in the past ?

My Playlist are not on Tidal. They were created on the MC200. They are a mix of tracks from Tidal, Rhapsody, and CD’s. Will I be able to save these and migrate them to the Nucleus ? The documentation does not indicate an answer to this question.

Hi @Earl_Shipp,

That will depend on if you use a RevA or RevB. We have the size requirements for each here:

As long as it fits the size requirements there is no issue using a 1 TB drive. Note that you’ll need to format the drive once installed.

When you export from Sooloos you’ll have the option to export playlists. This will work for local media, but TIDAL content will not export unfortunately.