MC200 MQA Skips

It happens with my MC200 as well while playing MQA track from tidal service. Around local time 10:30 EET probably.

Unfortunate my Roon still does it even with the latest build.

@Michalis_Papaeconomo I think you should open a new topic with a full description of your set-up and the problem and I am sure the @support will help you.

Hello @Michalis_Papaeconomo,

So we can better assist you, please provide a brief description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

Make sure to describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so we can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

Does this behavior only occur on the MC200 zone or does it occur on other zones such as “System Output” for example? Have you tried rebooting the Core, MC200 and networking gear yet?

The issue:
When playing MQA files though Meridian MC200 the sound is lost after a few minutes of playing. Non-MQA files will play normally. MQA will also play normally when playing though PC speakers or though Airplay directly to my amp.
This issue has been happening for months and all systems have been through several restarts.

My system setup is as follows:
Roon version 1,7 (build 505)
Dell 5530 Windows 10 Pro acting as Roon Core
Player: Meridian MC200
Amp: Pioneer Lx85

Network setup:
Dell connected via WiFi
MC200 and Pioneer connected via cat6 wire to cisco switch

Many thanks.

Try using Ethernet with the Dell and see if that changes anything. I know it is probably inconvenient but give it a go if you can.

My dell laptop does not have an Ethernet port. Just usb-c. If cabled network is the only solution I would need a new pc to run Roon.

You can get a USB to Ethernet adaptor for a relatively small amount. But that still doesn’t help you in the short term I suppose.

I have that adaptor and will try what you suggest but it cannot be a long term solution.

Understood, but it will give the support team here some pointers as to what to suggest to help you.

Hi @Michalis_Papaeconomo,

I would also second the suggestion of trying Ethernet as a temporary test to help diagnose the issue. Does only TIDAL MQA tracks display this issue or do local tracks display it as well? If you don’t have any local MQA tracks, you can download a few samples from the 2L Test Bench. I would try downloading the tracks that are the same sample rates as the ones you are attempting to play from TIDAL.

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